How to find information on EPiServer Problems

March 19, 2009

When working with EPiServer at least earlier a big problem has been finding good help when you need to develop something. Like “How do I <insert problem> in EPiServer. Is there any examples I can look at?”. Some things might still be a problem to find but it is alot of information out there, you only need a way to find it. I will try to write of some ways to find the information you need.


Off cause Google is always a good place to start. If you are lucky there is some nice results there and you can go home and develop happily. Sometimes though the really good results is not on the first page (might be some hard to find blog like mine) or are a part of a big result from like EpiServer world which might not show unless you go deeper into all results with multiple pages.The information probably is there somewhere in a result string but might be faster and easier to instead go down and check the top sources themselves directly instead.

EPiServer World

EPiServer World is a very good place to search for information. First it have a lot of information in blogs. A lot of very good developers have a alot of nice blog posts about various problems that they have found solutions on. To find information in the blog i suggest doing a search on EPiServer world page. You will also find results from forum posts, articles and episerver.com (White papers and such). And if you don’t find the result here or in any of the below links its a good thing to post a question in the forum. That way also other developers can see the question and answer of the problem you have, so they can find in when they need.

EPiServer Wiki

EPiServer Wiki is a newly started  wiki that will grow lot ain the future when people start using (at the moment it is pretty unknown). To contribute to this wiki you only need an EPiSevrer World account and then you can start write good information. i hope this will be a huge database of good stuff about EPiServer. Go there and try a search and see if you get the result you want. At the moment there is no developer information but I hope that will change.

EPiServer SDK

EPiServer SDK in an early version was extremely flat and really did not give that super much information. Sure you could find some nice information there depending on what you where looking at but it had a lot lacking. This have improved some lately and there are more helpful information here now even if it still lacks a bit. There are people that have as a job to create SDK content here so more come up every day.

EPiCode, EPiServer LABS and EPiServer Research

EPiCode, EPiServer Labs and EPiServer Research is a great place if you are looking for some modules that you think would be good or other new and cool features that is not officially supported but would fit your project perfectly. Most projects you find on these sites are Open Source projects that you can download, install and use on your site. It is very good to have some basic knowledge on the projects here so that you don’t do the same work yourself that have already been done. Its very much worth the time to visit these!

Livechat with EPiServer developers, support and partners

Livechat with EPiServer developers is a very nice way if you need fast information on a problem and have not been able to find in in your searches. In this IRC channel you will find EPiServer employees, EPiServer Partners and more that discuss EPiServer all day long so this is a really nice place if you have an urgent question. Or want to help other people with their urgent questions.

I hope I have helped you to find the solution to your EPiServer problem!



  1. A lot of people seems to be using http://labs.episerver.com/google – a customized google search that searches through most episerver related content online.

  2. Thanks for the info =) That is a nice way to search info too.

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